Our Technology


The energy storage technology needed to build a clean, affordable and sustainable energy system anywhere.

professor fermin
Professor Fermin,
Head of the University of Bristol Electrochemistry and Solar Team, observed:
“Superdielectrics’ devices are not only highly competitive against mature technologies in terms of energy and power density, but they are also free of critical elements, using earth-abundant materials with a lower environmental impact than other energy storage technologies.”
What are supercapacitors?

The Breakthrough

In 2016, a fundamental scientific advance in polymer research was announced by Superdielectrics alongside the Universities of Bristol and Surrey.

Superdielectrics’ aqueous polymers have exceptional electrochemical properties that provide a step change advantage for energy storage.

Key Advantages of Our Technology

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Compatible with renewable energy fluctuations
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Low cost
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fire risk
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Fast Charge
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Fast Discharge
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Aqueous based
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Uses readily available raw materials
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Hybrid Supercapacitor

This technology combines electric fields (physics) and conventional chemical storage (chemistry) to create a new aqueous polymer-based energy storage system. This technology has already completed over 1 million hours of testing.

Early markets:

  • Fluctuating renewable energy storage
  • Electric bikes
  • Forklifts
Home garage with ev charger and energy storage system Electric Mountain Bike In Mountains Isometric view of electric forklifts and AGV robots in modern distribution center. 3D rendering image.

Hybrid & Pure Supercapacitors

Over the past 2 years we have increased our cell energy density by 9 times.

In the future, the continuing development of our pure supercapacitor technology could exceed all battery technology.


  • Electric Aircraft
  • Automotive
  • Vertical Farming
One of the most promising developments in the automotive industry is the autonomous VTOL flying taxi, designed for passenger transportation in the future Parking electric cars. Charging stations, fast charging cars. 3d illustration Fresh Vegetables are growing in indoor farm/vertical farm.

Global Patent Protection

Superdielectrics’ technology is protected globally through over 10 patent families.

What are supercapacitors?

Energy storage devices that can store electrical energy in electric fields.

Supercapacitors have high power density and can charge and discharge rapidly.

They have long cycle lives with wide operating temperature ranges.

Conventionally, supercapacitors have lower energy densities than batteries together with much higher costs. This has limited their potential applications and market adoption.