Environmental Social Governance


We are a sustainable energy company. Our focus is on developing clean technology to complement existing storage solutions, including batteries and hydrogen, helping to facilitate the global shift away from fossil fuels.

Our technology offers the prospect of a sustainable, low cost, 21st century distributed energy system.

Using a high energy density supercapacitor offers the following environmental benefits:

  • Development of clean transportation systems
  • Development and increased uptake of renewable energy storage systems
  • Reduced vehicle emissions
  • Reduced vehicle noise
  • Low cost, high energy density electricity storage
  • Complementing existing battery technology
  • Safety when using Superdielectrics’ materials due to their very high water content

Furthermore, many Lithium-ion batteries use toxic metals such as lithium and cobalt which makes recycling difficult and costly. Some of these materials have also been associated with conflict metals.

Our supercapacitors typically use commonly available, low cost raw materials that are easy to recycle at end of life, and do not contain conflict metals or materials which are in short supply or difficult to obtain.

They also have wider operating temperature ranges and are expected to have very lengthy usable lives.


We believe that high energy density supercapacitors could have a dramatic impact on reducing the cost of a clean and sustainable energy system, while also reducing noise and air pollution – thereby improving the quality of life for the majority of the world’s population.

These environmental and societal improvements could be achieved through the development of clean and quiet transportation systems and vastly improved renewable energy storage systems.


The Directors recognise the value and importance of high standards of corporate governance, and a culture based on ethical values and behaviours is promoted.